Hello- Let Me Help You Succeed At Homeschooling Math!

My name is John Zimmerman,  I’m the founder of www.TabletClass.com a full course independent learning math software- our program teaches thousands of students all over the world to excel in math.  A vast majority of our members are homeschoolers- as such I have a huge respect and admiration for those families that homeschool!

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I created this blog to help as many homeschoolers as I can with math- sharing tips, full video lessons and advice that will make your math journey go as smooth as possible.  So what’s my background?  Well, I’m a professional math teacher with years of experience teaching all levels of math.  I have worked very hard to become a successful math teacher.  Having a degree in Mathematics and Master’s in Education are certainly part of my knowledge as a math teacher but my talent to teach math has been developed over several years.  Just like any skill, experience makes you better and spending many years teaching math to students all over the world has stretched me to refine my art of communicating math to students.  My goal is to teach math in a way that is extremely clear and understandable.  I focus my instruction to explain things in ways that all students can easily understand without lowering the bar on comprehension.

I’m always writing new content for my blog that can help you and your child so I hope you will be a frequent visitor. Lastly I hope you will share my site with others that homeschool as the material on my blog can help everyone that is involved in math education.

All the best!