Bisector Theorems

In this lesson I will be teaching you various bisector theorems.  As I suggested in the previous lesson you really want to make constructions of these triangle theorems as it’s a great way to experience the concepts in real life.  My lesson will explore angle and perpendicular bisectors theorems.  Just as the name implies an angle bisector is a ray that “bisects” or cuts an angle measure in half.  For example an angle bisectors of a 60 degree angle would cut and form two 30 degree angles- you will see this clearly demonstrated in the lesson.  Now a perpendicular bisector “cuts” a line segment in half.  The key concept about a perpendicular bisector is that it bisects another line “perpendicularly” meaning at  a right angle (90 degrees).  If your a little confused don’t worry the video will show this much more clearly.  As I was saying don’t forget to create constructions on the theorems and properties we cover- it’s a great way to understand and retain the concepts.  Lastly keep reviewing your notes as geometry builds on itself.  Have you done any algebra problems lately?  You should- remember there is algebra in geometry and you should be reviewing algebra as well.  Good luck!

TabletClass Math Triangles Bisectors Theorems Lesson from John Zimmerman on Vimeo.

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