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How To Do A Math Problem Like A Math Teacher- 4 Areas of Focus For Homeschoolers

math teacher workDespite what you may think math teachers are not perfect in math.  Actually, all teachers have to work for years to develop their knowledge and skills.  Math teachers in particular not only have to learn math they have to be able to teach it in a logical step by step manner so students can understand how to find solutions to problems. One of the best things a math teacher does (more…)

How To Get Your Homeschooler To Take Good Notes

homeschool math notesSo how do you take good notes? Just write down everything the teacher writes.  Well sort of but good note taking takes work.  Note taking is a skill and the better your homeschooler gets at taking notes the better your academic performance they will have.  Let’s take a look at what a great set of notes looks like.  Although we are focused on math the concepts I’m taking about in this article apply to any course.


How to Recover From A Bad Day In Math

bad day homeschoolingWe all had those days that nothing goes right.  When your bad day comes from homeschooling your child in math you want to reflect on what happened so the next day will be great.  Let me give you hope when you have a bad day in math- it’s ONE DAY not 1 year.  Of course (more…)

How To Homeschool A Child With ADD/ADHD In Math- 3 Great Tips

homeschool-add-adhdMany homeschooling parents have children with ADD/ADHD.  Homeschooling  a child is challenging enough so homeschooling a child with ADD/ADHD will likely be even more difficult.   When I taught middle and high school math in schools so many of my students had attention deficit 504s and IEPS.  As such I would have to modify their instruction to support their challenges of dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder.


How To Ask Your Homeschooler A Math Question

homeschool questionsWhat a crazy question “how to ask a math question?” – of course you just ask it! Well yes you could just fire away and ask math questions to quiz or test your child’s understanding but you want to make this most of the exercise of asking questions.  What I have learned over many, many years of teaching math that “teaching” is part art and part science.  (more…)

How To Fail A Math Course In 6 Easy Steps

fail-homeschool-mathOk, I must confess the title of this post should be, “things to avoid to ace your math class!” but I purposely titled the post to grab your attention as what I’m going to talk about is important! Students can fail a math course for a variety of reasons however too many students sabotage their grade by not doing the basics in class.  I can tell you from years and years of teaching that most (if not all) teachers would totally agree with my list- it’s just common sense..  (more…)

How To Use Deadlines to Manage Your Time

time-management-homeschoolOne of the best things you can do to help you with your busy day is to set deadlines.  There is a key time management principal that states our tasks take as long as the time we assign.  For example, let’s say you give yourself 4 hours to clean your house…guess what, you will use the entire 4 hours to complete the task.  However, let’s say that someone bet you $10,000 that you could not clean your house with the same quality in 2 hours.  I can guarantee you that you will find a way to finish (more…)

How To Choose A Homeschool Math Curriculum

homeschool math curriculumEach year homeschoolers choose a homeschool math curriculum.  The challenge can be easy and smooth or difficult and frustrating.  Even the most experienced homeschoolers can struggle with math curriculum selection so if you’re new at homeschooling and don’t know what math program is best for your child you are not alone.  In my position as the founder of TabletClass Math I speak to many, many homeschoolers about what type of math course is best for their child.  (more…)

How To Construct A Lesson Plan For Math- Homeschool

homeschool lesson planAs a homeschooler you should know how to construct your own basic lesson plans.  The format I teach you below is a standard teacher’s lesson plan and the most common way to organize a lesson.  Knowing the mechanics behind making a full lesson plan will make you better at understanding the math learning process so every homeschooling parent should try to learn the skill. (more…)

How To Save Money Homeschooling Math- 5 Great Ways

save money homeschoolingIf you homeschool you know is can be expensive.  Unlike traditional schools you have to obtain your curriculum for your child making homeschooling much more financially challenging for many families.  Of course if you purchase a curriculum only to discover it does not work for your child you will have suffered a big hit to your homeschool budget.  To reduce inefficient spending you need to be proactive.

How To Determine Course Placement For Your Homeschooler

homeschool course placementCourse placement for homeschoolers is often a huge and scary task- “what course should my child be taking?”.   So if you have stressed this question you should not feel bad- it’s a stressful question!  Of course most of the time you follow a normal progression to your child’s development i.e. 6th grade, 7th grade, etc.

How Homeschoolers Can Find Great Math Tutors

homeschool math tutorSometimes during the education of our children they will need a tutor.  I would say that math is the subject where students end up needing a tutor the most.  As such you as a parent want to know how to go about finding a great math tutor if the need arises.  Let me say up front that math tutoring can be expensive so it’s an investment that you should make with serious consideration- you the parent will know what’s best for your child.

Ok with that said let’s talk about a few ways to find qualified and effective math tutors.

How Your Homeschooler Can Get Great SAT/ACT Math Scores

homeschool sat act examIn today’s competitive environment parents should do everything they can to help their child get top SAT/ACT scores.  College entrance exams scores are critical for college acceptance and scholarships and the difference of a few hundred points on these exams could be the difference between acceptance or even a full scholarship. The good news is (more…)

How To Grade Your Homeschoolers Math Quizzes

homeschool quiz testSo how do you grade your homeschoolers math quiz?  First make sure that the quiz you are giving your child is on  skills that they were taught.  This may seem obvious but it’s easy to assume your child was taught the concepts for a specific question so take note on what questions you want to give in your quiz.

Ok now onto the grading part. (more…)

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