Function Operations

In this lesson I will teach you about function operations.  So you can get a good start on this lesson make sure you can add, subtract, multiply and divide polynomials.  If you watched the first lesson on functions you know that we often see them expressed as an equation like f(x) = 2x + 5 or g(x) = 7x -10.  A function operation is simply combing two or more functions to create a new function.  Example, let’s add the two functions I just wrote- the way we write this in math is f(x) + g(x).   Ok so what we will do is add the functions by combining there respective variable expressions (the stuff to the right of the equation symbol).  To express this function operation In algebra we would write f(x) + g(x) = [ 2x + 5 ] + [ 7x – 10].  Now all we need to do is simplify by adding like terms- the result will be 9x – 5.  This example gives you a quick look into function operations of course we will be learning much more about the topic in the lesson.  Good luck and take notes…

TabletClass Math Function Operations Lesson from John Zimmerman on Vimeo.

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