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Start Learning Pre-Algebra

Special Note:  As a special benefit to homeschooling families I organized the videos on this site in a course format.  I encourage you to use the material on this blog as a “basic” course.  A great way to supplement these basic courses is to invest in the workbook.  However if you really like my video lessons than you want to take my full TabletClass Math courses.


HomeschoolMathOnline.com Pre-Algebra (2)This course is designed for the middle school student preparing to enter a high school level algebra course. Students taking this course should have strong skills in arithmetic to include fraction operations.

The first part of Pre-Algebra will explore areas of Real Numbers (positive/negative numbers), solving equations, graphing and writing lines and inequalities.


Part 2 of the course deals with topics such as functions and relations, systems, quadratic equations, polynomials, powers and exponents and rational/radical expressions. There are also sections on basic geometry to include circles, area, volume, Distance formula and Pythagorean Theorem.