Simplifying Rational Expressions

In this lesson I teach you how to simplify a rational expression.  This is a big topic and requires many skills to master to include a strong understanding of fractions, powers and exponents and polynomials.  A rational number is a fraction where the numerator and denominator are integers.  A rational expression is a fraction where the numerator and denominator are polynomials.  When we simplify a fraction (rational number) we reduce it-  example simplify the fraction 3/9.  Of course 3/9 = 1/3 so my answer is 1/3 the fully simplified fraction equivalent to 3/9.  The concept is no different when we are taking about simplifying rational expressions- we simply look to write the expression in it’s simplest form.  I can’t over state how important it is for you to master this skill- your study of future algebra topics will be much, much easier if you understand it.

TabletClass Math Simplifying Rational Expressions Lesson from John Zimmerman on Vimeo.

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