A Sad Homeschool Story

So what’s so sad you ask about homeschooling?  Well nothing exactly however there is this one “thing” that bugs me and I find it a little sad.  Ok so let me explain.  For years now homeschoolers across the country have been using my full math courses at TabletClass.com to educate their children.

I’m so proud of the success my team and I have been able to create. It’s all about families and kids learning.  Anyways almost every day  I talk to homeschooling parents mostly the mothers.  Often times the parent will say “I was so bad at math in school but after learning math with my child using TabletClass I understand so well”.  They tell me they had terrible math anxiety as a kid and adult and always believed they were BAD at math.  But after watching my lessons they understood and felt CONFIDENT about their ability to learn math. How exciting!  This enthusiasm radiates to their child and the entire family is pumped up to learn and master math.

Now for the sad part- do you have your Kleenex ready? I find it sad that many parents have suffered years of anxiety about math and even passed this anxiety to their children in some cases.  But the real sad part is if these parents had a great math teacher that they understood and made them feel confident about themselves their story could be different.  I’m not saying that all those parents that did poorly in math that could have done much better could have become NASA scientist but you never know (Ok- that was the sad part!).  People are only limited by their perception of their skills and talents- it’s the old saying “if you think you can or can’t….either way or right”.  For me I want to help young people escape a life of math anxiety and help widen their opportunities and dreams.  In today’s global technical economy young people more than ever need to have strong math skills.  As such you as a parent need to be striving to find the best curriculum, teachers and programs that will develop your child’s skills and ego.  Just say to yourself “failure is not an option” and you will be amazed at the wonderful results that your child can enjoy.

Now let’s end this sad article in a super positive way.  It’s never too late for you parents out there that feel better about math to go back to school. Case in point a few years ago I had a 60 year old gentleman from California named Gordon that was a retired plumber sign up for TabletClass.  He always wanted to go back to school and see if he could learn math as he did so poorly in the subject in high school.  So Gordon started TabletClass Pre-Algebra and worked on the course for a solid year- he loved it and really understood the material.  Then he did TabletClass Algebra 1 and Geometry – he did great!  Then he did TabletClass Algebra 2- he did awesome!  After 3 years of taking TabletClass Math courses Gordon was on fire he wanted to keep learning math so he enrolled in a Calculus class at the local community college. We have kept in touch and he has done excellent in Calculus.

He says that it was the change in his perception that he could learn math that opened up a whole new world.  Life is all about learning and even though some of you would love to get a second chance at high school math it’s not going to happen.  However it’s never too late to set exciting goals for yourself so if you want to go back to school and prove that you have the right stuff to ace Calculus- Go For It!