Algebra Properties

In this lesson I will teach you about the properties of algebra.  Now, you might be wondering why we are studying algebra in geometry but as the course goes on you will see how much we use algebra to solve geometry problems.  So let me take this time to encourage you to review your algebra skills frequently so they remain sharp not only for geometry but for future math courses like algebra 2.  Ok, so what’s algebra properties and why do we need them in geometry?  First, let’s start with examples of an algebra property.  Do you remember the distributive property? If you do then you remember a very important algebra property. The property helped us simplify problems like 3(x + 2) and write it in an equivalent form of 3x + 6.  We were able to do this because the property states we can “distribute” or multiply the 3 to the x and 2.  Algebra properties are laws that we need to follow in algebra.  However, these same algebraic properties have a geometric equivalent and we will need to know these properties to write proofs- FUN!  Like always take good notes and practice as much as you can.