In this lesson I will teach you about angles.  As you can imagine angles have a huge role to play in geometry so we need to know them well.  First, lets start with a basic definition of an angle-  an angle is simply two rays that start from the same point called a vertex.  Like all new shapes we learn in geometry we will need to master the symbols and notation associated with angles.  Now that you have a good sense of what an angle is we can explore the various possibilities of different type of angles- that’s what I will cover in the lesson.  I will classify different angles to include right, acute and obtuse angles.  Also, we will explore a few key properties that angles contain.  As our knowledge of geometry builds you will learn much more about angles especially when they are formed in triangles or intersecting lines.  Stay excited as you will see how geometry will relate to real life shapes and situations.  One last thing- make sure to review your notes frequently to ensure you are retaining the material.