Arcs and Chords

In this lesson I will be teaching you about arcs and chords.  There is a good amount of information I will be giving you in the lesson so be ready to take detailed notes.  An arc is a part of the outer edge of a circle and we measure it in terms of degrees.  Recall that a circle has 360 degrees and a semi-circle  is 180 degrees.  Some of the terms we will associate with arcs is “major” and “minor” arcs- make sure you understand the difference.  Now, a chord is a line segment that connects two points on the edge of the circle.  The largest chord of a circle is called the diameter however we will be studying all types of chords.  As with most other lessons, I will be giving you a number of theorems about arcs and chords all of which are important.  Also, make sure to check your calculator and ensure it’s angle function is in degree mode not radians.  There is another way we can measure angles that is called “radians” and if your calculators is not set on degrees you could generate wrong answers.