Area of Regular Polygons

In this video I will teach you how to find the area of a regular polygon.  Basically, there is a simple formula we follow to find the area of a regular polygon and it’s not that difficult.  However, the key in all formulas is to know what the variables of the formula represent. So to properly use the area formula we need to understand the parts of a regular polygon- I’ll wait until the video to get into this. Do you remember what a regular polygon is?  No problem- a regular polygon is simply a polygon that has equal sides and angles.  As such, we classify these types of polygons as special polygons and have the ability to apply a simple formula to find there area. I find that when students make mistakes with formulas it’s because they did not plug in the values correctly, did the wrong order of operations or simply made an arithmetic mistake when simplifying the expression.  My point is setting up the formula for area of a regular polygons is step 1- the second equally important next step is to use your algebra skills to calculate the correct answer.  Good luck and enjoy the video.  Are you still taking great notes?