Can Your Child Handle Hard Numbers In Formulas?

Finding the slope of a line is a very important skill that all middle and high school students need to master.  In order to find the slope students follow a simple formula (see below) and simplify a fraction.  Many students can perform this task when the numbers involved are easy, whole numbers.  However when students are challenged to find the slope using fractions and negative numbers they often will make more mistakes.

Moreover, finding the slope can become much more interesting when the values are variables like the example below.

If you think your child is really strong in algebra they should be able to do this problem without too much trouble.  So, have some fun and take 5 min out of your day to test your child’s algebra skills in handling hard numbers in formulas- it can help you determine just how well they comprehend fundamental algebra concepts.

The problem is find the slope between the two coordinates (4e, -6f) and (10e, 2f)