Conditional Statements and Converses

In this lesson I will teach you about conditional and converse statements.  We need to study this because part of what we do in geometry is write proofs.  A proof is a way of “proving” something using logic, properties, theorems and postulates.  Confused?  don’t worry I will explain proofs in detail in this and future lessons. If you ask anyone that has taken high school level geometry they may not have great memories of doing proofs because they can be challenging and confusing.  Hence, you really want to focus on this lesson and take excellent notes.  So let’s do a quick introduction to conditional and converse statements.  A conditional statement is nothing more than an “if-then” statement.  For example, the statement “if it rains I will then need my umbrella” is a conditional statement.  A converse is a statement where we “flip” a conditional statement around- let’s use the above statement to find the converse-  “if I need my umbrella then its raining” .  Do you see the connection between the two statements?  No worries my lesson will make these concepts clear- good luck!