Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

In this lesson I will be teaching you about deductive and inductive reasoning.  As you know we do a good amount of proofs in geometry.  A proof is a structured, organized way to “argue” our belief.  For example, if I said prove a pencil is not a pen.  Well you might start this proof by saying “ok can we agree that a pencil uses lead and a pen uses ink?”.  Then you might say “because the definition of a pencil is only those writing instruments that use lead I conclude a pen is not a pencil.”  Now, this might seem like a silly example but the point I’m trying to make is how I organized and walked a person through my proof was very specific.  This organized way of arguing is called logic and that’s what we will be studying.  As you will see in the lesson, there are two types of logic- deductive logic and inductive logic.  You need to know them both but we will be using deductive logic the most in geometry.  Enjoy the lesson and take good notes.