Get Your Coupons – Save Money And Practice Math!

Want a real life activity for your young kid to practice math? Well get out that Sunday newspaper and open up the coupon section. As you scan through the paper you will see deals upon deals. So how good are the deals and how much can you save? Well that’s a nice little
math problem that your child can be helping you to figure out. For a lot of people, including myself, creating a detailed grocery list and knowing how much I will be saving if I use coupons is not an easy task.

It’s not the math involved in couponing that is difficult it’s the organization of all the items to keep track of that make it hard for most people. Often times in the “real world” math skills are not as important as organizational and management skills. If you can find ways to give your child real life tasks that require them to manage, organize and research the stronger a problem solver they will become. So before you plan your next trip to the grocery store try getting your child involved in developing the list and finding ways to save money.


Here are a few math concepts that are relevant to couponing and shopping:

• Arithmetic; basic number operations
• Averages
• Graphical representation of data to include lists and tables
• Using a calculator

Helping our children master math means that we need to get them involved and engaged. Try to find things that you can make into a game or challenge- like saving money. Couponing is only one way to develop your child’s math skills so hopefully you will think about giving it a try- the worst that can happen is you will save a lot of money!