How To Construct A Lesson Plan For Math- Homeschool

As a homeschooler you should know how to construct your own basic lesson plans.  The format I teach you below is a standard teacher’s lesson plan and the most common way to organize a lesson.  Knowing the mechanics behind making a full lesson plan will make you better at understanding the math learning process so every homeschooling parent should try to learn the skill.   I also included a sample lesson plan word document that you can download and edit as a template to make your own lessons.  Ok let’s walk through each section of a lesson plan using the example lesson of finding the percent of a number.

Lesson  (in this section list the name of topic you will teach)
Percent of a number

Objective ( write a very specific and measureable objective- the more specific the better)
Student will be able to find the percent of a number using a calculator

Anticipatory Set (this is where you need to get creative to engage the student’s interest in learning the topic- find a way to introduce the topic and connect the material to real life when possible)

1. Show the student a sale of a X-Box game that is 35% off- ask them to write out a quick proposal to their parents on why this is such a great deal and how much money they could save

2. Tell the student why finding the percent of a number is very important not only in math but everyday money matters

Instruction (in this section list the exact way you plan to instruct the topic; be very specific and think in terms of your student and what they will write in their notes)


1. Define what percent is- a fraction where the denominator is 100

2. List the procedure to find the percent of a number

3. Walk student through an example of how to find the percent of a number using their calculator

4. Check for understanding before guided practice

Guided Practice (in this section have a few basic practice problems to review the instruction; you will be asking the student what steps to take- they drive the process but you write; correct any misunderstandings as you work through the problems)

Give student a list of three basic problems to find the percent

1. Find the 30% of 80

2. Find 14% of 119

3. Find 72% of 3

Closure/ Review (this is the wrap up section- ask the student what they learned and why it’s important.  Make sure you probe them for specific responses)

Review- ask the student the following

1. Why is finding the percent of a number important?

2. What is the procedure to find the percent of a number?

Practice (have a list of homework problems ready to assign)

Assign student problems 1 -20 on percent worksheet

Materials (write out a list of all the materials you and your student will need for the lesson- that way you will be fully prepared when it’s actually time to teach)

Paper, pencil and calculator

Lesson plans are excellent ways to organize and teach- so that’s the good news.  However creating great lessons plans take a lot of effort and time so it can be very difficult to construct a lesson plan for every lesson for every subject – way too much work!  The goal of this article was to give you some basic training on constructing a lesson that you may want to teach.  As a homeschooling parent there are many things you are an expert at that and you should step up as the role of teacher (with your own lesson) for the day when your comfortable and motivated.  Show your child that you can give them a top quality lesson on a topic – it’s a great way to add some variety to your everyday homeschool routine.