How To Grade Your Homeschoolers Math Quizzes

So how do you grade your homeschoolers math quiz?  First make sure that the quiz you are giving your child is on  skills that they were taught.  This may seem obvious but it’s easy to assume your child was taught the concepts for a specific question so take note on what questions you want to give in your quiz.

Ok now onto the grading part. Clearly the way you grade a math quiz is to determine what problems were answered correctly and more importantly incorrectly.  When you grade a quiz make sure to give praise for all the things done correctly- try putting a “star” or “smiley face” next to correct answers.

Now when you encounter an incorrect answer please don’t put a big “red X” over the answer- make your incorrect mark more subtle like a small “x” off to the far left boarder.  Trust me you would be surprised on how much you can hurt a student’s confidence by highlighting incorrect work in a negative manner. Nevertheless you want to be grading more than the answer you want to be looking for patterns of how your child is working- judge their work based on work shown, neatness and organization.  Once your done grading a quiz always make note of the skills your child did not understand- you should have some sort of log book to record specific information.  Remember a quiz is a feedback tool to help guide you and your child on what they know but more importantly what they need to review and improve.