How to Plan and Write a Proof

In this lesson I will teach you how to plan and write a proof.  This will be an extremely important lesson as most students struggle doing proofs at first.  The key to becoming proficient at doing proofs is practice- it’s as simple as that.  However, I made this lesson to give you a head start and structure your approach to geometric proofs.  One of the biggest things you want to take away from this lesson is the allowable reasons you can use in a proof.  What I mean is any statement you write in your proof needs to be justified- this is the essence of deductive logic.  You will see in the lesson there are 5 type of reasons you can justify your statements.  These reasons include postulates, theorems and properties.  Hence, you need to have excellent organized notes on all the theorems, postulates and properties we have learned- you will need to remember them for your proofs.   Lastly, you will learn how to properly write a two column proof- one column will be statements and the other column will be reasons.  Please take your time with this lesson as you really need to understand the skills and concepts presented.  Good luck!