How to Recover From A Bad Day In Math

We all had those days that nothing goes right.  When your bad day comes from homeschooling your child in math you want to reflect on what happened so the next day will be great.  Let me give you hope when you have a bad day in math- it’s ONE DAY not 1 year.  Of course if every day is a bad day that’s another topic but let’s just stick to dealing with days that nothing goes well.

First lets describe some common reasons parents and children have a bad day:

  • Frustrating lesson
  • No patience
  • Tired no energy
  • Boring lesson
  • Child hates the topic
  • Parent hates the topic
  • Material too hard
  • Lesson plan does not work at all
  • Do not like the teacher

I’m sure you could add many more reasons to my list but here’s my point: try to determine the main reason your day in learning math did not work.

The key to improving anything is to know what the issue is so focus your energy on lessons learned after a bad day of math.  Some of the adjustments you will need to make maybe small like changing the time you teach math so your child has more energy or you may have to make bigger changes if you have many bad days with math.  These “big changes” could include switching to another curriculum or moving your child to another level.  However before you take a big step in your child’s education you really need to pin point the root causes of why things are not working.

Listen we all have bad days it’s going to happen just remember these bad days can be a “bump” in the road or a warning sign to consider significant change.  As long as you are paying attention to the causes and effects in your child’s learning these “bad days” can be valuable indicators that help us improve.