Identity and Inverse Matrices

In this lesson I will teach you about the identity and inverse matrix.  The identity matrix is an unique matrix such that when we add to it or multiply by it-  the value of that specific matrix does not change.  I know what I just wrote maybe confusing so don’t panic I will explain this very clearly in the lesson.  Now an inverse matrix is a special matrix that we find with respect to another matrix.  When you multiply an inverse matrix by the matrix you used to calculate the inverse the product is equal to the identity matrix.  Confused? I don’t blame you…somethings are best explained by video and I look forward to teaching you.  We are learning about the identity and inverse matrix so we can solve systems- we will see how this is done in a future lesson.  Welcome to the “big leagues” this stuff is not easy but I know you can do it!  Take your time and practice is a must.