Inscribed Angles

In this lesson I will teach you about inscribed angles in a circle.  An inscribed angle is an angle that is formed inside a circle and ends at an arc.  As such, we will be taking about angle and arc measures in terms of degrees.  I will be giving you some very important theorems so make sure you’re up to excellent note taking.  You may notice that algebra is “creeping” more and more into our lessons- as you will see in the formulas I will be giving you for inscribed angles.  Please go back and review your algebra as you will need core algebra skills in geometry like solving equations.  Also, I will continue to stress that circle problems like inscribed angles are all over exams like the SAT/ ACT- so you must practice everything I teach you.  At this point in the course you have learned a lot and maybe you feel a little overwhelmed.  The key to staying positive is constant review and practice- math takes time to learn so be patient, work hard and good things will happen.  Enjoy the lesson!