Introduction to Circles and Tangents

In this lesson I will introduce you to circles and tangents.  As you know this entire chapter is dedicated to circles so before we explore all the wonderful properties about circles we fist need to gain a strong foundation about them.  With this in mind we will first focus on the parts of a circle to include the radius, diameter, circumference, chords and tangents.  I’m sure you have a studied about circles at some level so hopefully some of these topics will be a review.  Circles are a big part of geometry and math and you really need to take excellent notes in this chapter.  I would also suggest you get a compass to help you draw neat circles for your notes or practice.  Circle problems are common on tests like the SAT/ACT so don’t ignore any of the topics in the chapter.  Lastly, ensure your notes are well written and organized.  If you have been doing this course in order you are almost done with your study of geometry.  However, just because you finish the course does not mean that you won’t need to review the material in the future so your notes will be a great resource…..if they are good.