Introduction to Logarithms

In this lesson I will introduce you to the topic of logarithms.  Please make sure you have a scientific calculator with a “log” and “ln” button as we will be using a calculator through most of the lessons in this chapter.  A logarithm is another way to express an equation that has a power.  For example, I could write the equation “10 cubed = 1000” as log(1000) = 3.  Just to stress the point early there is a huge connection between logarithms and exponential functions- as a matter of fact they are inverses of one another.  One of the most important reasons we study “logs” (logarithms) is so we can solve exponential equations- these are power equations where the variable is in the exponent.  Like all new topics you learn give yourself sometime to absorb the concepts in the lesson.  You must take excellent notes and practice is an absolute must.  Enjoy and good luck!