Introduction to Polygons

In this lesson I will introduce you to polygons.  You may already have a good idea what a polygon is so let’s build upon what you already may know.  A polygon is a closed figure that has multiple sides such that the sides are line segments.  The first polygon you know is the triangle- it has 3 sides and the figure is closed.  Can you think what we call a 4 sided polygon?  Yes, you are correct it’s called a quadrilateral.  However, we have all different types of quadrilaterals to include squares, rectangles and rhombuses.  As you can imagine our study of polygons will be vast and central to the knowledge you will gain from geometry.  Please take great notes as you will be learning a lot of theorems, postulates and properties about various polygons.  In later chapters of the course we will investigate the details of two specific polygons- triangles and quadrilaterals.  Enjoy the lesson and keep working hard!