Line Segments And Rays

In this lesson I will teach you about line segments and rays.  A line segment is basically what the name implies- it’s just a “piece” of a line with end points.  Along with the definition of a line segment you need to understand the proper notation to describe a line segment.  The next shape we will look at is the “ray”.  You can think of a ray like an arrow in the sense it has one starting point and travels out in specific direction.  The key difference between a line segment and ray is that the line segment has two end points where as the ray only has one.  The notation for a line segment and ray are similar so be careful not to confuse the two.  Like I said in the previous lesson, geometry has lots of symbols and notations- you need to watch the details of these symbols as many will look a like.  Lastly, you need to ensure you practice after you watched the lesson it’s a must if you expect  to master the concepts. Good luck!