Medians, Altitudes and Bisectors

In this lesson I will teach you about medians, altitudes and bisectors.  All of these topics are a detailed look into triangles.  As I will show you in the lesson triangles have some very interesting properties of which you need to master.  One of the skills that you want to focus on in this lesson is the construction of a figure.  What I mean by the word “construction” is your ability to draw an accurate sketch that shows medians, altitudes and bisectors.  I would suggest that you have a compass, protractor and ruler to help you with your drawings.  Measuring and drawing triangle properties on paper will make you understand the theorems much better- it really is a great benefit and learning experience.  However, before you can construct these figures you need to have a clear definition what medians, altitudes and bisectors are.  Make sure you take excellent notes as these terms have exact definitions that you need to fully comprehend.  Good luck and don’t forget to practice what you learned.