Multiplying Polynomials Special Cases

In this lesson I will teach you about special case polynomial multiplication.  Before you watch this lesson make sure you know how to multiply polynomials using the FOIL and distributive property methods.  Now, to be clear you can use the distributive property method to multiply any polynomial products.  However, there are some special patterns that allow us to use some “special rules” to multiply polynomials. Think of these “special rules” as short cuts to find the product of polynomials.  The primary reason you need to know these special rules is they allow us to factor polynomials.  Factoring is the opposite of multiplication and it’s critically important to you to know how to factor a polynomial.  So, I know it’s a little strange that we are learning special multiplication rules and talking about factoring but as you learn more about polynomials you will understand what I’m talking about.  Lastly, I can’t overstate that you must practice these rules to master polynomial multiplication and factoring.