Parallel Lines and Transversals

In this lesson I will teach you about parallel lines and transversals.  Everything we learn in geometry is important but this lesson is “extra” important because we will using so many of the concepts in this lesson to learn future material.  I’m pretty sure you have a good idea what parallel lines are so let’s talk about what happens when we “chop” two parallel lines with another line.  A line that “chops” or intersects two or more parallel lines is called a transversal.  The angles formed (which there are many) by the parallel lines and a transversal is what we will be focusing on in this lesson.  As such, be prepared to write down many important theorems and postulates that describe what happens with all these angle relationships.  Lastly, are you reviewing your notes on previous material?  You should be consistently reviewing your geometry notes because the course builds on itself.  One suggestion to help you study is high lighting all the theorems and postulates in your notes so you can quickly identify them.  Please don’t forget to practice as well as it’s the only way you will truly master the material.