In this lesson I will teach you about parallelograms.  As we study this chapter we will focus on various types of quadrilaterals and one of the most common types of quadrilaterals is the parallelogram.  Most students have a good idea on what a parallelogram looks like.  However, I would imagine that many students would struggle to give an exact definition of what a parallelogram is-  how well could you define a parallelogram?  Of course, if you don’t really remember what a parallelogram is don’t worry I will cover lots of details about parallelograms in the lesson.  Also, make sure you are ready to take notes as I will be giving you many theorems on the sides, angles and diagonals of a parallelogram.  Like I was saying, we will be studying many different types of quadrilaterals in this chapter and the material builds on itself.   As always, it’s important to practice the concepts after the lesson.  Can you solve a systems of equations?  you should- this is a core algebra skill that you need master so make time for algebra review as you study geometry.  Good luck!