In this lesson I will teach you about percent.  Of course, percent is one of those math skills that we use all the time.  For example, when you are walking around the store and see the XBOX 360 you want is 25% off-  I’m sure many of you would be doing some quick mental math to see if Mom/Dad would buy the game as it was such a “great” deal- look how much we would be saving!  In all seriousness, percent is an extremely important topic and in my experience many students are not as good at it as they think.  If I asked you to find 30% of $100 that should be easy for most students.  However, if I asked you “16% of what number is 118?” –  I would be impressed if you could answer the question quickly and confidently.  My goal in this lesson is to get you to master percent – not just the easy problems but the more difficult problems as well.  As always, it’s critical that you practice this skill as percent is everywhere in math and real life.