Points, Lines and Planes

In this lesson I will introduce you to points, lines and planes.  The building blocks of geometry are points, lines and planes so it’s important that you understand how we think of these concepts.  Geometry is very different than algebra so you will be learning an entirely new mathematical language.  As such, you need to take excellent and organized notes because I will be teaching you a lot of new symbols, notations and theorems.  In this lesson my goal is to get you to understand how points, lines and planes relate.  Now, this may sound strange but points, lines and planes can not be defined in geometry- I will explain why in the video.  I’m sure you have a good sense of what a “point” is or a “line” is but as you will see in the lesson these terms can not be strictly defined.  However, we still can learn a lot about the properties of points, lines and planes and apply this knowledge to the wonderful world of geometry.  Welcome to course I  know you will learn a lot!