Quadrilaterals, Triangles and Midpoints

In this lesson I will teach you more about quadrilaterals, triangles and there midpoints.  As you can tell there is a lot of information you need to learn about quadrilaterals and triangles and each theorem and property is important.  Hence, you need to remained focused on all the details I explain in the video and ensure you are taking great notes.  One of the things I will talk about in the lesson is what happens when a transversal (a line) intersects parallel lines- especially if the transversal is cut into congruent segments.  Also, I will get into what a midpoint of a triangle is and the relationship it forms with the sides of a triangle.  If you have been going through the lessons in this course in order you already have increased your knowledge of triangles significantly.  Additionally, you know a lot of powerful theorems about parallel lines and various quadrilaterals.  But as you will see in future lessons we have a lot more to learn on these and other topics so stay excited and practice as much as you can.  Good luck!