In this lesson I will teach you about transformations and reflections.  You can think of a transformation as taking the shape of a figure and moving it somewhere else on the x/y plane.  The term we use for moving a figure is called “mapping” so a transformation is a where we map a figure to a different place on the x/y plane.  What I just told you is a basic explanation of a transformation and there is a lot more to understand. One type of transformation is a reflection.  Of course, when we use the word reflection we think of a mirror.  Now, if you think about it a mirror image is an image that has been moved to another location- from the actual spot to a projected spot.  The function of projecting a image to another place is the essence of what transformations are about.  So after we learn about reflections, we will look at other transformations in the next few lessons.  Lastl,y you want to use graph paper and a ruler for this section- lots of drawing is involved.   Pop quiz:  can you solve a quadratic equation?  don’t forget to keep doing a little algebra review as you study geometry.  Good luck!