Rotations and Dilations

In this lesson I will teach you about rotations and dilations.  Before you watch this video please ensure that you have watched the previous lesson on reflections.  Rotations and dilations are types of transformations.  As you know, the first type of transformation we studied was the reflection.  In this lesson we will continue our focus on transformations with rotations and dilations.  A rotation is basically taking a figure and moving it clockwise or counterclockwise around a point.  We use degrees to indicate a rotation so you may want to have a protractor for this lesson.  A dilaltion is another type of transformation and it’s a little more involved.  What a dilation does is project a figure- like casting a shadow.  For example, think of a small figure being projected into a larger similar figure- this is a dilaltion.  Of course, the video will demonstrate these concepts much better.  As always, keep your notes nice and organized and practice as much as you can.