Similar Polygons

In this lesson I will be teaching you about similar polygons.  Similarity is a big topic in geometry so let’s go ahead and give you a basic definition-  two figures are similar if the they have the same exact shape but not the same size.  Think of a figure and a copy of that figure that has been “zoomed out or zoomed in”.  The two figures would have exactly the same shape but different size/ lengths. One of the main concepts about similar figures is that there corresponding sides are in proportion.  As such, ratios and proportions are a core skill you must master to do well in this chapter.  Many students confuse congruent figures and similar figures.  Just a quick review- two congruent figures have the exact shape and size where two similar figures only have the exact shape but a different size.  Please ensure that you have watched the lesson on ratios and proportions and have mastered how to set up ratios and solve proportion problems. Lastly, make sure your notes are well organized and you practice everything we go over in the lesson.