Similar Right Triangles

In this lesson I will teach you about similar right triangles.  To master this topic you need to have a complete understanding of ratios and proportions- so please review if you need to before starting this video.  The main concept in this lesson is that in every right triangle you can form 3 similar triangles.  First, let me stress that this theorem only applies to right triangles- those triangles that have a 90 degree angle.  Next, let’s make sure you understand the term “similar” – remember similar  figures are those that have the exact same shape but a different size.  The key point I want to stress is corresponding sides of similar figures are in proportion and we will be setting up a lot of ratios and proportions all through this lesson.  You need to take your time with lesson and review the video at least once.  In my experience many students struggle with this topic so you need to work hard at mastering it.  As always, take neat and organized notes and practice is a must for this lesson.  Good luck!