Similar Triangles

In this lesson I will teach you many important theorems and postulates about similar triangles.  The concepts I’m going to teach you require focus and concentration – this topic is confusing to many students.  Hence, I suggest watching the video more than once just to ensure you understand all the theorems and postulates I cover.  Some of these will be the AA Similarity Postulate, the SAS and SSS Similarity Theorems along with the Triangle Proportionality and Angle Bisector Theorems.  Wow!  I know it’s a lot of material so take your time and work hard to master each concept.  Please keep in mind that each one of these postulates and theorems is important and you can’t “skip” learning a topic by just “glancing” at a it to get a general idea.  You need to practice, practice, practice because this stuff is not that easy to fully comprehend.  Also, ensure you have watched the other lessons in this chapter before this one- especially the lesson on ratios and proportions.  If you have a great attitude and really apply yourself you can ace this lesson. Good luck!