Solving Quadratic Equations by Square Roots

In this lesson I will teach you how to solve a quadratic equation by using square roots.  Let’s get some basic facts down so you can see the big picture about quadratic equations early on.  First, a quadratic equation will always have 2 solutions- always.  Unlike a linear equation like x + 7 = 10  where x = 3 is the only solution, a quadratic equation will have two answers (much more on this later in the chapter).  Second, we only use the method of taking the square roots of both sides on certain problems- it does not apply in many situations.  So, now that we got some “basics” out  of the way I can introduce you to this method.  Basically, it’s quite easy all we do is take the square root of both sides of quadratic equation (after certain conditions are in place) and we have our solutions.  The lesson will explain all the details on how we set up and solve problems using this technique.  You will be required to solve many, many quadratic equations in algebra so learn each method well and practice, practice, practice!