Solving Radical Equations

In this lesson I will teach you how to solve radical equations.  Before you watch the lesson make sure you have covered all the other lessons in this chapter up to this point.  The main step to solve a radical equation is to get rid of the square root- we do this by squaring both sides.  As such, we will be doing a good amount of multiplication especially polynomial multiplication so ensure that you have this skill down.  Also general equation solving skills will apply so feel free to review anytime you need to.  Another key concept to take away from this lesson is when we square both sides of a radical equation to clear the square root we may introduce extraneous solutions. These solutions are “extra” false solutions and are extraneous to the problem- i.e. we don’t need them.  The only way to determine if you have extraneous solutions is by checking all solutions in your original equation.  Don’t worry if your confused I will explain it all in the lesson video.  Remember to take good notes and practice!