Special Factoring Rules

In this lesson I will teach you about special factoring rules.  Of course if you have watched the prior lessons in this chapter you will know that we have been studying various methods and approaches to factor a polynomial.  This lesson is yet another “tool” you can use to help you factor a polynomial.  The rules in the lesson should look very familiar- they are the same rules you learned when studying the polynomial special case multiplication.  Like I’ve been saying, factoring is the opposite of multiplication so if you can think about factoring in that way you should be fine.  Once more, factoring polynomials is kind of like an art form because it may not be exactly clear what approach or method to use- you don’t even know if a polynomial can be factored until you try.  As such, you can only really master polynomial factoring through experience and I can’t stress how important it is for you to practice this skill as much as you can.