Special Quadrilaterals

In this lesson I will teach you about various special quadrilaterals.  If you have been watching the lessons in this chapter in order you know that we have explored parallelograms and trapezoids- both very common special quadrilaterals.  In this lesson we will look at other special quadrilaterals to include the rectangle, square and something called a rhombus.  All the figures I mentioned are apart of the quadrilateral family and quadrilaterals are a type of polygon- confused?  Well it can be confusing if you’re not taking great notes and reviewing previous lessons.  The thing about geometry is there are so many theorems, postulates, definitions and properties that seem similar but in fact are not-  it’s easy for anyone to mix concepts up.  The way to successfully master all the material is by taking neat and organized notes and then  practice, practice, practice.  Remember,  you will see geometry again especially if you plan on going to college as the SAT/ACT tests are filled with geometry questions.  Keep working hard and never give up!