The Best Book On Teaching I Ever Read! A MUST READ

Unless you have ever been a teacher you don’t realize how challenging it is.  It’s just like trying to explain what it’s like to be a parent with someone with no kids or explaining what combat is like to those that have never experienced it- unless you have done it you can’t truly grasp the experience.  Years ago when I started teaching I thought I knew what I was in for before my first day of school.  I thought I was ready and was professionally prepared to be a great teacher.  Wow was I wrong!  My first year of teaching was filled with confusion, stress and frustration as the things I planned, the lessons I made did not work nearly as well (sometimes just did not work) as I thought they would.  It was during this humbling first year of teaching that I asked veteran teachers for advice.  Again and again master teachers kept recommending the same book to me “The First Days of School- How to Be an Effective Teacher” written by Harry K. Wong.  I took their advice and bought the book – it was the greatest investment I ever made as a teacher!  

So if you’re in education in anyway I Strongly Recommend this book- as a matter of fact I would make it a requirement!  No matter if you’re a veteran teacher or homeschooling parent – you want this book. In it you will find a massive amount of tried and true methods that make teaching enjoyable and effective.  The book focuses on how to set positive expectation for students, classroom management (child management) and lesson planning and testing.  After reading this book my second year of teaching was 1000% better.  Of course each year I taught I became more experienced and knowledgeable but I always used Harry Wong’s principles as a foundation to my educational approach. I have read this book so many times to remind me that the best methods in education are those that are practical and simple.  Moreover this is the kind of book that I will read over and over in the future.  So if you are truly interested in being a great teacher or homeschooling parent this book should be in your library.

If you like to invest in the book you can click on the link below.