The Discriminant – Types of Roots

In this lesson I will teach you about the discrimiant.  As the title of the post says the discrimiant has to do with the type of roots (solutions) a quadratic equation contains.  Recall that quadratic equations will always have two solutions.  Just to be clear, we often use the terms “roots” and “zeros” to describe the solutions of an equation.  The discrimiant is part of the quadratic formula – it’s the part of the formula under the square root, “b squared – 4ac “.  Of course if you have not yet mastered the quadratic formula now would be a good time to review as this lesson will depend on you having a great understanding of the formula.  Basically, the value of the discrimiant will tell us if a quadratic equation has two real roots, 1 double root or 2 complex roots.  I will let the lesson video explain these concepts as well as the connection between the roots and the graph of a quadratic equation.