The Quadratic Formula

In this lesson I will teach you the quadratic formula.  This formula is one of the most important formulas you will study in algebra because it allows you to solve any and all quadratic equations.  As you go through the chapter you will see that there are several methods to solve a quadratic equations- and those methods are great IF you can use them.  However, there are plenty of times when you have a quadratic equation and no other method but the quadratic formula works.  That is why the quadratic formula is so important- it is your “go to” way of solving any quadratic equation.  Pay special attention to how you need to write an equation before you can use the formula and using the correct order of operations to find the solutions. Lastly, don’t feel the need to memorize the formula just focus on the correct way to use it to solve quadratic equations.  Good luck this is an important lesson!