Triangle Inequalities

In this lesson I will teach you about triangle inequalities.  I find the triangle inequality theorems to be  really interesting and of course I hope you do as well.  Basically, triangle inequalities look at the relationship between angles and sides of triangles.  There is a triangle inequality theorem that relates the measure of all the angles in a triangle and another theorem that relates the sides of a triangle.  Now, I won’t give too much away about the theorems before the video however I will say that you definitely want to practice this topic.  I have seen more than a few SAT/ACT problems that relate to the triangle inequalities so make sure you learn them well.  The good news is the theorems are pretty straight forward and easy to understand.  Nevertheless, the only way you will be able to master the concepts is by practicing.  Question: are you using pen or pencil when doing math?  Please use pencil it’s just a much easier way of keeping your work neat.  Good luck and enjoy the video.