Trigonometric Ratios

In this lesson I will teach you about trigonometric ratios.  However, for the most part you can think of this lesson as an introduction to trigonometry.  I love trigonometry because it has so many practical applications and it combines algebra and geometry.  Of course, you may already know that trigonometry is it’s own subject and you we will be studying it in lots more detail if you continue your math education.  One of the primary things I will be teaching you in the lesson is trigonometric ratios.  Before I can teach you about these ratios I need to stress that trigonometry is based around right triangles.  A trigonometric ratio is when we compare two sides of a right triangle forming a ratio.  These ratios have names such as “sine, cosine and tangent” and they have dedicated functions on a scientific/graphing calculator.  I hope your excited about this lesson as you will learn some pretty powerful math.  Also, please ensure you have a scientific calculator you will need it for practice.  Good luck and enjoy the video!