Engaging and Professional Video Instruction

“My 10th grade daughter has been in your Geometry course this year! It is our first year using your website. I found your website through a search engine. My daughter struggled last year in Algebra 1 in another curriculum and that’s when we knew we wanted to try a different approach since she is a visual learner. I researched it and loved how you gave detailed information for the students to learn the material. My daughter said she loves the explanations of the information along with the worksheets. She loves the reviews and how you explain how the material builds while reviewing a concept needed for that lesson. Her grades in Math have only been successful this year with A’s. Thank you for a great way for kids to learn and actually enjoy Math!”

-Jessica D.

Learn from a professional math educator that will teach you exactly what you need to know to master middle and high school math skills.

TabletClass is all about deep student comprehension. Excellent, professional math teachers have the knowledge and experience to develop students of all skill levels into top notch math students. As such, all of our lessons are taught by an experienced certified math teacher that has a proven record in getting dramatic student results.

High Academic Standards:

Professional lesson design-all videos follow a traditional lesson outline by defining key terms, listing the exact steps to solve problems, providing guided practice and reviews.

Aligns to core curriculum standards–all instruction is designed to meet core standards and provide a complete and comprehensive education that fulfills most state requirements. (Note: TabletClass is not  aligned to Common Core.)

Instruction taught by a professional educator–teacher has degrees in math and education and years of actual classroom experience successfully working directly with students.


Videos can stream and be viewed on all PC, Apple, tablet computers and smart mobile devices using high speed internet.

Easy to watch and control pacing–perfect for all learning styles

All problems are fully explained with each specific step demonstrated

Much more than a brief overview; average video is over 15min–designed for maximum explanation and mastery

Over 300+ videos per course

Over 100+ hours of actual video instruction per course

Word problems and advanced problems covered

Powerful Learning Benefits:

Increase your confidence and academic ability.

Know how to avoid the most common mistakes that damage student grades.

Understand the exact steps to solve a wide variety of math problems.

Develop a strong foundation of core math skills that will prepare you for studying advance college prep math or doing well on the SAT, ACT or GED.