All The Tools You Need To Master A Complete Course!

With TabletClass we have invested years of hard work to create a system that allows students to learn directly from a top math teacher. Our focus is giving our students absolute confidence that they are learning not only from a great teacher but an overall learning system that is designed for deep comprehension and mastery.


What You’ll Find In Every TabletClass Course:

All instruction taught by certified experienced classroom math teacher (with degrees in mathematics and education)

Students learn in a dedicated course platform

Lessons follow Madeline Hunter ITIP format

Topics and concepts build using Bloom’s Taxonomy


Well organized and professional video design

Course core curriculum follows most state requirements (Note: TabletClass is not aligned to Common Core.)


Course Features:

100+ hours of comprehensive video instruction per course.

Practice problem worksheets and solutions- thousands of problems covered.

(PDF format can be printed or saved)

Chapter Tests & Answer Keys (can be printed or saved)

Chapter Review Notes (can be printed or saved)

Course Final Exams and Keys (can be printed or saved)

TabletClass Delivers A Significant Amount Of High Quality Instruction.

Great Teaching Makes All The Difference!

What High Quality Complete Instruction Looks Like-TabletClass Delivers!

Teacher is highly qualified (degree in math/master in education/fully certified) and experienced in managing a full course curriculum

Teacher follows a traditional lesson plan format

Teacher is aware of common student mistakes and knows how to give students methods to reduce errors

Lessons are well prepared and deliver complete comprehensive instruction- lessons are not summaries or short tutorials

Teacher has the experience to connect with various learning styles

Teacher is creative and knows how to capture students imagination

Teacher has experience working with gifted and special needs students

Course follows high curriculum standards

Teacher writes out and explains all problems step by step

Teacher structures lesson format so students can easily follow along and take complete notes